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Wave SUP Vizela Jobe Hardboard

Wave SUP – with the paddle board into the waves. Short, agile ones are suitable SUP for Waves. These let you do fast turns on the iSUP & Hardboard.

Wave SUP Hardboard

That Jobe Vizela 9.4 is the ideal hardboard for the .Welle.

Due to the short, wide design, it is extremely agile and manoeuvrable.

Das Vizela 9.4 Wave SUP has another special feature: if necessary, you can mount two more fins on the outside. This makes the board even more stable and controllable in waves.

The Vizela 9.4 is Jobe’s most popular wave hardboard.

Wave SUP Jobe Vizela Hardboard
Wave SUP Vizela Jobe Hardboard
Wave SUP Vizela Jobe 9.4 Hardboard

Inflatable SUP for Waves

That Jobe Mohaka 10.2 Board is the perfect inflatable Wave SUP for the waves.

Due to the relatively short design and the high buoyancy of up to 20 PSI, it is extremely stable.

In addition, a large center fin can be mounted on this stand up paddle board.

Particularly noteworthy is the optional installation of a SUP Seals. This turns this SUP board into a fun wind SUP.

Wave sup mohaka jobe stehpaddler SUP
SUP for wave Mohaka Jobe Stehpaddler
SUP for Wave Jobe Mohaka

SUP Sail for iSUP

The Jobe SUP Sail is the perfect complement for your Wave SUP.

This sail can be mounted on the new Mohaka 10.2 iSUP and the Venta 9.4 iSUP.

This sail has an area of ​​3.5 m2, a mast of 316 cm high and a boom of 140 cm.

The package contains the mast, the mast extension and a mast foot. The catch rope and boom are of course also included.

Wave Sup jobe sup sail
Wave SUP Mohaka Sup sail

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