SUP Brands: The 47 Best SUP Board Manufacturers (Market Study 2022)

In our big SUP brand study we show you the 47 best SUP brands. Based on real Google searches, we sort them by relevance.

In the second part of the article we present you the best SUP brands in detail.

SUP brands study – the SUP board manufacturers according to Google searches

For our SUP brands study, we analyzed the global Google search queries. Data source is Ahrefs Keywords Explorer from February 09, 2022.

The figures are an estimate of the average monthly searches based on the last 12 months.

Top ten SUP brands

Raw data from 47 SUP brands

#SUP brandGlobal search volume (*)
2mistral sup19.000
3aqua marina sup16.000
4lidl sup10.000
5bluefin sup10.000
6starboard sup10.000
7fanatic sup9.800
8iron sup9.100
10jp australia5.600
11f2 sup5.200
12itiwit sup3.700
13aztron sup3.200
14red paddle sup3.100
15aldi sup3.000
16indiana sup2.900
17zray sup2.800
18thurso surf1.900
19glory boards1.700
20bestway sup1.700
21nice sup1.400
22bic sup1.200
23rrd sup900
24fit ocean sup800
25kaufland sup700
26wowsea sup700
27goosehill sup700
28honu sup700
29skinfox sup600
30nsp sup600
31stemax sup500
32penguin sup500
33viamare sup500
34viamare sup500
35tahe sup500
36sipa boards350
37aqualust sup300
38apollo sup300
39miweba sup250
40bluemarina sup200
41tchibo sup200
42cala sup150
43kahoo sup80
44bugz sup60
45siren sup40
46gts sup20
47apex sup0-10
SUP brands according to Google searches (Source: Ahrefs Keywords Explorer as of 02/09/2022)
* Average monthly Google searches estimate based on the last 12 months

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The best SUP brands in detail

Stand Up Paddling enjoys unabated popularity. There are now countless manufacturers. The most well-known can bring their experience from the water sports sector to the manufacture of Stand Up Paddle Boards.

The very cheapest boards start at around €200-300. In the high-end area, the boards are sometimes well over €1000. We introduce you to the all-rounder boards from the biggest brands in the middle price segment.

Due to the large number of manufacturers, we have decided to primarily present those who have brought technical innovations to the way, equip water sports enthusiasts, or stand out due to their popularity. Have fun with the best SUP brands!

JOBE SUP brand

Jobe Sports SUP board logo

JOBE’s motto: “JOBE: gets you on the water”.

Since 1974, the Dutch manufacturer Jobe has been about having fun with water sports in all imaginable variants. Jobe has repeatedly provided innovations, especially in the area of ​​Stand Up Paddling. The boards are welded together using heat-bonded technology so that no glue is used. Additional rail stringers ensure stability and robustness on the outside.

Jobe has brought new models onto the market every year in recent years and last but not least, they impress with their elegant design.

Jobe first made a name for itself on the water sports scene as a wakeboard manufacturer. Because it is important with wakeboards that the wakeboard really holds up under high loads, Jobe knows how to build stable SUP boards. The result: the lightest SUP boards on the market.

We have had the best experiences with JOBE in our stand-up paddle board rental at Schlachtensee. We were particularly impressed with the stability, price-performance ratio and performance.

Jobe has recently started offering exciting electronic products in addition to classic stand up paddle boards.

With theE-Duna, a SUP board with an integrated motor is available for the first time. In addition, Jobe has expanded the product range with the Seascooter.

Click here for our separate article on Jobe Sports Internationalas a manufacturer.


Jobe Yarra 10.6. Teal SUP Board Pack
  • Board weight: 9.3 kg, volume: 310 l
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Rider weight: up to 140 kg
  • Fin: 8″ EZ Lock fin
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: double action pump
  • Backpack: Waterproof backpack
  • Additional nets: available



Starboard offers boards in the premium and professional range and is considered one of the best SUP brands. For example, Starboard is the outfitter of the German SUP world champion Sonny Höhenscheid and specifically promotes SUP talents around the world. Starboard is also committed to protecting the environment. For every SUP board sold, a tree is planted in the mangroves and 1.4 kg of plastic waste is removed from the ocean.

Whether it’s Sonny Höhenscheid’s tiki-style SUP boards or the memorable logo, as a windsurf manufacturer, Starboard has the right nose for unique design.

By the way, the Tiki-Man represents the Inca god King Tiki Vichara. According to legend, the first Polynesians came to Tahiti by raft from South America, thus exporting the Inca god of water and wind to Polynesia. In 1947, anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl rafted 7400 km from Peru to Tahiti to prove his thesis, which is still debated today. The name Starboard refers to both the Norwegian expression of stýri (oar) and borð (board), which together mean something as starboard means. As well as the energy of the stars and the cosmos, which should accompany you while driving.

Starboard Inflatable SUP iGo Zen SC 2021

  • Guarantee: legal guarantee
  • Board weight: 9.0 kg, volume: 290 l
  • Rider weight: up to 90 kg
  • Fin: US box fin
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: double action pump
  • Backpack: board bag/trolly with inside pocket
  • Additional nets: available
  • Extra stiff and robust 2000D rails
  • welded seams


Indiana Paddle

Indiana is located in Switzerland on Lake Zurich and has been producing SUP boards since 2010. Indiana has originally been a skateboard manufacturer since 1989 and equipped, among others, the world champion in slalom skateboarding Maurus Strobel in 2004 and 2005. Originally, the SUP hardboards were produced in a classic wood look. Indiana has also been selling inflatable boards since 2014.

The brand innovated with hollow carbon raceboards or inflatable fishing SUPs with outriggers. The Indiana Online Boardfinder makes it easy to find the right board. The paddler’s preferences are queried here in order to make it easier to choose from the current range of 65 boards.

Since 2019, in addition to the feather logo, there are also tiki designs on the Indiana boards.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the high-quality carbon paddles.

Indiana Family Pack 2020

  • Guarantee: Legal guarantee
  • Board weight: 9.8 kg, volume: 307 l
  • Rider weight: 60-100 kg
  • Fin: US box fin
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: Double action pump
  • Backpack: Wheelie Bag
  • Additional nets: available


Since 1981, Fanatic has been known primarily as a windsurf brand and one of the best SUP brands. According to their own statements, Fanatic stands for the best quality, innovation and service.


  • Guarantee: Legal guarantee
  • Board weight: 8.1 kg, volume: 284 l
  • Rider weight: up to 95 kg
  • Fin: Click fin
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: Double action pump, leash
  • Backpack: Waterproof backpack
  • Additional nets: available


Mistral is known as the brand of the windsurf trend wave of the 80s. The logo with the red dot was visible at all surfing hotspots. Mistral quickly evolved and achieved many technical innovations in the windsurfing field.

Mistral now also produces SUP boards and can incorporate years of experience in the windsurfing sector into the manufacture of SUP boards.

We tested Mistral’s Lidl board.

Mistral Lidl Board

  • Guarantee: legal guarantee
  • Board weight: 10.8 kg, volume: not specified
  • Rider weight: max 150 kg
  • Max. Air pressure: 1 bar (15psi)
  • Fin: 3-fin system, incl. detachable US fin
  • Paddle: aluminum
  • Pump: double action pump
  • Backpack: Waterproof backpack
  • Additional nets: available
  • double chamber system


Robby Naish is a blatant legend in surfing. With 13! Years ago, Robby became the professional windsurfing world champion for the first time and won a total of 24 surfing world championship titles. NAISH was formed in 1979 in Robbie Naish’s parents’ garage. From Haiku on Maui, NAISH has discovered all areas of surfing (including SUP) and still convinces with authenticity and quality at the top.


  • Guarantee: Legal guarantee
  • Board weight: 10.6 kg, volume: 260 l
  • Rider weight: up to 100 kg
  • Fin: US box fin
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: double action pump
  • Backpack: available
  • Additional nets: available
  • Double layer rails
  • Double stringers
  • X-weave drop stitch


Bluefin was founded in the early 2010s and is a family business offering high quality, affordable boards for popular sports.

Bluefin Cruise SUP Board Set 10’8″

  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Board weight: 11.3 kg, volume: not specified, approx. 220-250 l
  • Rider weight: up to 150 kg, recommendation: 85 kg
  • Fin: 2+1 fin system + removable smart lock system
  • Pump: double action pump
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Backpack: available
  • Additional nets: available

Aqua Marina

SUP boards in the middle price segment with high-quality workmanship and a good price-performance ratio.

Aqua Marina Beast 10.6

  • Board weight: 9.3 kg, volume: 304 l
  • Rider weight: up to 143 kg
  • Fin: Slide in central fin.
  • Pump: Double action pump, leash
  • Backpack: Waterproof backpack
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Additional nets: available

Red Paddle

Red Paddle offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, has been in existence since 2008 and exclusively makes SUP boards. Performance is crucial for Red in such a way that every paddler benefits from it, regardless of ability. Red Paddle is definitely one of the best SUP brands.

Red Paddle Ride 10’6

  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Board weight: 10.0 kg, volume: 240 l
  • Rider weight: up to 95 kg
  • Fin: 3 made of vinyl, permanently glued on
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: double action pump
  • Backpack: Large backpack with all-round zip and wheels
  • Additional nets: available
  • Waterproof smartphone case included

JP Australia

The brand name stands for Jason Polakow, Windsurfing World Champion (“JP”) from Australia. Founded in 1997, JP Australia strives to produce the most innovative and best boards.

Inflatable SUP AllroundAir LEC 10’6″

  • Guarantee: legal guarantee
  • Board weight: 7.5 kg, volume: 318 l
  • Rider weight: up to 95 kg
  • Fin: US box fin
  • Paddle: Fiberglass paddle, 3-piece
  • Pump: Double action pump, leash
  • Backpack: Waterproof backpack
  • Additional nets: available
  • Light Economy (LEC)

Conclusion of our SUP brand study

The equipment of the complete package is similar for almost all manufacturers. Fiberglass paddles and double action pumps are now standard equipment.

For the fin, there is an alternative to the US fin box with a screw cap, the EZ-Lock fin, e.g. on the JOBE model, which can also be attached without a screw.

☝️ Our tip: Low board weight and additional manufacturer guarantees give useful clues for a high-quality and durable board.

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Wave SUP > Short, agile Stand Up Paddle Boards for waves

Wave SUP – with the paddle board into the waves. Short, agile ones are suitable SUP for Waves. These let you do fast turns on the iSUP & Hardboard.

Wave SUP Hardboard

That Jobe Vizela 9.4 is the ideal hardboard for the .Welle.

Due to the short, wide design, it is extremely agile and manoeuvrable.

Das Vizela 9.4 Wave SUP has another special feature: if necessary, you can mount two more fins on the outside. This makes the board even more stable and controllable in waves.

The Vizela 9.4 is Jobe’s most popular wave hardboard.

Wave SUP Jobe Vizela Hardboard
Wave SUP Vizela Jobe Hardboard
Wave SUP Vizela Jobe 9.4 Hardboard

Inflatable SUP for Waves

That Jobe Mohaka 10.2 Board is the perfect inflatable Wave SUP for the waves.

Due to the relatively short design and the high buoyancy of up to 20 PSI, it is extremely stable.

In addition, a large center fin can be mounted on this stand up paddle board.

Particularly noteworthy is the optional installation of a SUP Seals. This turns this SUP board into a fun wind SUP.

Wave sup mohaka jobe stehpaddler SUP
SUP for wave Mohaka Jobe Stehpaddler
SUP for Wave Jobe Mohaka

SUP Sail for iSUP

The Jobe SUP Sail is the perfect complement for your Wave SUP.

This sail can be mounted on the new Mohaka 10.2 iSUP and the Venta 9.4 iSUP.

This sail has an area of ​​3.5 m2, a mast of 316 cm high and a boom of 140 cm.

The package contains the mast, the mast extension and a mast foot. The catch rope and boom are of course also included.

Wave Sup jobe sup sail
Wave SUP Mohaka Sup sail

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SUP for 2 people

SUP for 2 people – parents with children, friends or couples in love. We will show you what is important when it comes to volume, size and accessories for Stand Up Paddle Boards.

volume and buoyancy

With the SUP for 2 people you have to pay attention to the recommended air pressure of the board. It’s much heavier with two people, so we recommend at least 20 PSI pressure.

Otherwise the board will sink very deep into the water when riding. As a result, more water has to be displaced when paddling. As a result, driving becomes more strenuous, slower and more unstable.

SUP with a dog: 4 tips for SUP with your four-legged friend!

SUP for two on the Jobe Loa 11.6

The Jobe Loa 11.6 SUP is ideal for several people.

Due to the width of 86.36 cm, paddling is particularly stable. The board is also 350 cm long and 15 cm high.

This means that the board has a volume of 360 L and the buoyancy is very strong. on this one SUP for two it is very stable.

The large deck pad invites you to linger and paddle together. In addition, the 2 luggage nets can be used for clothing or food.

SUP for 2 people Jobe Loa 11.6 Board Family
SUP for 2 people Jobe Loa 11.6 board stand up paddler

SUP for two on the absolute bestseller

The Jobe Duna 11.6 SUP is also very suitable for paddling together.

As our absolute bestseller, this stand up paddle board is often used by several people.

This board also has a very large volume. The 324 L provide a lot of buoyancy.

Since the Duna 11.6 SUP drives a little faster, two people can really build up speed here.

Here it is particularly advisable to use a second paddle. In this way, both can provide propulsion on the left and right at the same time.

SUP for two Jobe Duna stand-up paddler
SUP for two on the Jobe Duna

SUP with children: 6 tips for family adventures

SUP for 2 people – accessories

There are additional accessories for even more fun together on the Stand Up Paddle Board.
In addition to the standard paddle for one person, the second person can of course also support you.

Another paddle for the passenger provides additional propulsion and high speeds.

At the SUP for 2 people we also recommend a second paddle.

Light and stable fiberglass/carbon paddles are particularly suitable.

In our complete packages, these paddles are already included in each inflatable Jobe SUP board a Kit included.

Of course, the paddles can also be purchased separately and in matching colors.

Furthermore, this model can be combined with the kayak adapter:

The Jobe kayak adapter expands various paddles into a fully-fledged kayak paddle.

At the SUP for twocan therefore be paddled even more effectively on both sides at the same time.

For the lowest possible weight, that is Fiberglas-/Carbonpaddel particularly pleasant in combination.

The adapter is additionally with the Jobe Fusion-Stick, to the aluminum paddle as well as the Freedom-Stickcombinable.

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SUP wood look – Jobe hardboards in bamboo look

The Jobe hardboards in SUP wood look. Great stand up paddle boards with a bamboo look. Three variants: Allround, Touring & Wave SUP.

  • Jobe Ventura 10.6 SUP Board
    2022 Jobe Ventura 10.6

    incl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • Jobe Parana 11.6 SUP Board
    2022 JOBE PARANA 11.6 Hardboard

    incl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

  • 2022 Jobe Vizela 9.4
    Product on sale
    UVP: 999,99  949,99 

    incl. 19% VAT

    zzgl. Versandkosten

Real bamboo

All Bamboo hardboards have a real layer of bamboo built in!

Touring hardboard in SUP wood look

The Parana 11.6 Stand Up Paddle in wood look impresses with its very good directional stability. Due to the construction, it is also very fast and ideal for touring.

SUP Wood Look Jobe Bamboo Boards

All details about Parana Stand Up Paddle Hard Board can be found on the product page.

All-round stand up paddle in wood look

The Ventura 10.6 SUP is ideal for entering the world of hardboards. Due to the wide and short design, it is both stable and manoeuvrable.

SUP wood look Jobe Bamboo Ventura

You can find details about this paddle board on the Jobe Ventura 10.6 product page.

WAVE board in wood look

The Vizela 9.4. Hardboard is the ideal companion for the wave. The very short and wide design enables agile and precise riding of the wave.

Optionally, two additional side fins can be mounted here. This further improves the riding characteristics in waves.

SUP wood look Jobe Bamboo Vizela

All details about Vizela Wave SUP in wood look can be found here.

Structure of the Stand Up Paddle in wood look

SUP Wood Look Jobe Bamboo Hardboard Stand Up Paddle Board

Accessories for SUPs with a wood look

That 2-piece bamboo paddle is visually ideal for all hardboards from the Bamboo series.

The combination of carbon and fiberglass also makes it very light and stiff.

SUP wood look paddle Jobe Bamboo Paddle

Would you like to try out the Bamboo hardboards? You can find all boards on our SUP rental Schlachtensee.

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