SUP for 2 people

SUP for 2 people – parents with children, friends or couples in love. We will show you what is important when it comes to volume, size and accessories for Stand Up Paddle Boards.

volume and buoyancy

With the SUP for 2 people you have to pay attention to the recommended air pressure of the board. It’s much heavier with two people, so we recommend at least 20 PSI pressure.

Otherwise the board will sink very deep into the water when riding. As a result, more water has to be displaced when paddling. As a result, driving becomes more strenuous, slower and more unstable.

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SUP for two on the Jobe Loa 11.6

The Jobe Loa 11.6 SUP is ideal for several people.

Due to the width of 86.36 cm, paddling is particularly stable. The board is also 350 cm long and 15 cm high.

This means that the board has a volume of 360 L and the buoyancy is very strong. on this one SUP for two it is very stable.

The large deck pad invites you to linger and paddle together. In addition, the 2 luggage nets can be used for clothing or food.

SUP for 2 people Jobe Loa 11.6 Board Family
SUP for 2 people Jobe Loa 11.6 board stand up paddler

SUP for two on the absolute bestseller

The Jobe Duna 11.6 SUP is also very suitable for paddling together.

As our absolute bestseller, this stand up paddle board is often used by several people.

This board also has a very large volume. The 324 L provide a lot of buoyancy.

Since the Duna 11.6 SUP drives a little faster, two people can really build up speed here.

Here it is particularly advisable to use a second paddle. In this way, both can provide propulsion on the left and right at the same time.

SUP for two Jobe Duna stand-up paddler
SUP for two on the Jobe Duna

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SUP for 2 people – accessories

There are additional accessories for even more fun together on the Stand Up Paddle Board.
In addition to the standard paddle for one person, the second person can of course also support you.

Another paddle for the passenger provides additional propulsion and high speeds.

At the SUP for 2 people we also recommend a second paddle.

Light and stable fiberglass/carbon paddles are particularly suitable.

In our complete packages, these paddles are already included in each inflatable Jobe SUP board a Kit included.

Of course, the paddles can also be purchased separately and in matching colors.

Furthermore, this model can be combined with the kayak adapter:

The Jobe kayak adapter expands various paddles into a fully-fledged kayak paddle.

At the SUP for twocan therefore be paddled even more effectively on both sides at the same time.

For the lowest possible weight, that is Fiberglas-/Carbonpaddel particularly pleasant in combination.

The adapter is additionally with the Jobe Fusion-Stick, to the aluminum paddle as well as the Freedom-Stickcombinable.

Do you have further questions?

We would be happy to advise you personally. Call us or write an email.

We’ll do our best to help you.

Jobe Sports International – the strong brand in water sports

Jobe Sports International is a well-known brand in water sports. Stand up paddle boards, fun tubes, water skis and many more are part of Jobe’s product portfolio.

  • Are you interested in a Jobe product and want to learn more about the brand?
  • What product and service quality can you expect from Jobe?
  • Is a Jobe product right for you?

In the following you will find a lot of information about the Dutch company.

The Jobe Story – from winter sports to water sports providers

Jobe Sports International was founded in 1974 by professional skier Jeff Jobe. Initially, the company specialized in selling winter sports products. However, the focus quickly changed to water sports.

Jobe Sports is now one of the best-known and most popular brands in water sports. Next to the area Jobe SUP Stand Up Paddling other areas are professionally covered. These include jet skis, wakeboards, fun tubes and all kinds of water sports accessories.

Jobe products

Stand Up Paddle SUP Boards

Die SUP Boards are among Jobe’s most important products. A diverse selection of inflatable SUPs and hardboards is available. From beginner to advanced boards, as well as SUPs for tours and waves.

Jobe SUP Boards Stehpaddler
Jobe Yarra Stealblue SUP action shot

Here you can see our ranking of the manufacturer compared to over 40 others SUP brands read.


Everyone knows the yellow banana, which is pulled behind a motorboat. Funtubes have been used as fun entertainment on the water for decades. They can accommodate up to 5 people and are great fun for the whole family. They are offered in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Jobe Funtube Banana Board
Jobe Funtube


With water skiing, the person performing the exercise is pulled standing over a water surface on skis that are similar to snow skis. The drive is usually provided by a motorboat driving ahead. The driver and boat are connected by a rope.

Waterski Jobe
Jobe water skiing


A wakeboard is a water sport device in the form of a board. The athlete is pulled by a boat and can thus glide over the water. In contrast to the surfboard, it has a loop for strapping your feet. The driver stands sideways to the direction of travel on the board.

Jobe Wakeboard
Jobe Wakeboard Stehpaddler

life jackets

Life jackets are an important part of water sports. Even if you can swim very well. Something unforeseen can always happen, so an additional swimming aid is advisable. A life jacket should be worn, especially on very large bodies of water. The range of life jackets offered is very large. Some buoyancy aids are so stylish that you don’t even recognize their function.

Jobe Life Vest life jacket
Life Vest Life Vest Jobe Sports

neoprene clothing

Neoprene clothing protects and warms the body in equal measure. However, the so-called wetsuits are not waterproof. Between the neoprene material and the skin of the body, the layer of water is warmed and insulates the body and protects it from freezing to some extent.

Jobe neoprene suit SUP board stand up paddler
Neoprene suit Jobe SUP Board

Jobe quality

The manufacturer attaches great importance to high quality. Therefore, a professional team is available in product development. In addition, there are several quality controls. Both at the production site and at the company headquarters.

It is important that the price/performance ratio is right for our customers. If you buy a stand up paddle board from us, you can expect a corresponding level of quality. We are often asked about the durability and longevity of the boards.

TOP price/performance ratio

Jobe Sports delivers quality products at a fair price!

Through our SUP rental at Schlachtensee Berlin, we can judge it quite authentically. At a SUP rental you need products that are very durable and hard-wearing. The boards are constantly being taken out of the water and unfortunately often treated carelessly.

SUP stand-up paddler SUP rental Schlachtensee
Stand-up Paddler SUP Rental Schlachtensee Team

But it doesn’t matter whether it’s roots, stones or ramming obstacles in the water. The double-walled Jobe SUPs are very forgiving.

So with an investment in a SUP board of this brand you have friends for many years!

Manufacturer’s Warranty – 3 years for iSUPs & Funtubes

Anyone who purchases the iSup & Funtube products from an official dealer has a great advantage. The respective product can be registered online within 14 days. This extends the manufacturer’s guarantee by 1 whole year. Thus, the purchased item is secured for 3 years.

Jobe 3 years warranty
3 year guarantee for all Jobe iSUP products

decades of experience

Due to Jobe’s decades of experience in water sports, all products are very well thought out.

Stand-Up Paddler SUP Shop & Jobe – our collaboration

We have been working with Jobe Sports International since 2016. For us, the manufacturer is an excellent business partner. Because not only the products convince.

The very personal contact between us and the employees also ensures a unique business relationship. Whether information about products, ordering and delivery processes or customer concerns. Jobe is always available with advice and action.

Test new products in advance

If new products are to be launched on the market, we can already test them during the development phase. We are invited to the company headquarters in Heerewaarden in the Netherlands.

Jobe Sports visit
We stand-up paddlers visiting the company headquarters in Heerewaarden (NL)
Jobe Sports SUP Showroom
Showroom with all SUP novelties
Jobe E-Duna SUP Test
Here we tested it Jobe E-Duna 11.6 SUP with electric drive before it came onto the market


Specialist dealers are qualified

An online academy is provided for official retailers of the products. The dealers there have to go through various training courses. Dealers should also know exactly what they are talking about.

All relevant categories and specialist knowledge around the topic are in focus. A lot of know-how is passed on. There are special exams at the end of each course. These must of course also be passed.

Jobe Academy Specialist Stehpaddler

Do you have further questions?

We would be happy to advise you personally. Call us or write an email.

We’ll do our best to help you.

Jobe SUP – Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards & Hardboards in a chic bamboo look

Jobe SUP offers a stylish collection of Stand Up Paddle Boards:

  • Inflatable SUP boards and hardboards with a chic bamboo look
  • All-round and touring boards for beginners and advanced users
  • SUP paddles, SUP pumps and accessories are also part of the offer

All information and products can be found on this page.

Jobe – Established player in watersports

As an international brand manufacturer in the field of water sports, Jobe has been serving various product areas and customer segments since 1974.

Many are familiar with the fun tube bananas that tourists are used to pull behind boats. Jobe’s product portfolio also includes water skis, wakeboards, life jackets and neoprene clothing.

You can find more information about the company at Jobe.

Jobe SUP – Aufblasbare Stand Up Paddle Boards

The inflatable Jobe SUP boards are particularly characterized by the following product features:

  • Very high rigidity due to pressure up to 20 PSI
  • Low dead weight thanks to modern X-Drop-Stitch technology
  • Chic design and high-quality wood look
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Delivery in a complete set incl. High-quality fiberglass/carbon paddle, double action pump, waterproof 110L drybag backpack and safety leash
  • Jobe Neva 12.6 SUP Board Touring Stand Up Paddle Board
    Product on sale
    UVP: 949,99  699,99 

    incl. 19% VAT

    Free Shipping

    Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktage

Topseller – Duna 11.6 Stand Up Paddle Board

Absoluter Topseller

The Jobe Duna 11.6 is our absolute bestseller. The reason for this is the versatility of this board!

Both beginners and advanced have a lot of fun with this board.

Allround – Yarra 10.6 SUP Board

The perfect start

The Jobe Yarra 10.6 SUP is the ideal board for beginners.

Due to its high tipping stability, it is extremely comfortable to drive, especially at the beginning.

Touring – Neva 12.6 Paddle Board

For long tours

The Jobe Neva 12.6 SUP is the perfect board for long and extensive tours.

It has the best directional stability and achieves the highest speed.

Family – Loa 11.6 SUP

For the whole family

The Jobe Loa 11.6 SUP is particularly suitable for families.

Very wide and stable with a large deck pad for extra space.

Adventure – Adventure Duna 11.6 SUP Board

For extra long tours

The Jobe Adventure Duna 11.6 SUP has been built for very extensive tours.

Extra storage space for luggage and additional fins tempt you to extensive paddling tours.

Wind Surf – Mohaka 10.0 STand Up Paddle

For the wave

The Jobe Mohaka 10.2 SUP opens up completely new possibilities for you.

With the separately available SUP Sail you can use it for wave and wind surfing!

Electro SUP – E -Duna 11.6 SUP Board

The SUP with electric motor

The Jobe E-Duna 11.6 SUP inspires with an additional electric drive.

With a remote control on the carbon paddle, you can glide through nature with this board.

Do you have further questions?

We would be happy to advise you personally. Call us or write an email.

We’ll do our best to help you.

Jobe Hardboards im Bamboo-Look

Allround/beginner – Jobe Ventura 10.6 SUP Hardboard

Hard board for beginners

The Ventura 10.6 SUP is the ideal hardboard for beginners.

Due to the high tipping stability, it is extremely comfortable to drive, especially at the beginning.

Wellen SUP – Jobe Vizela 9.4 Hardboard

Also for the wave

The Vizela 9.4 SUP is perfect for going into the waves.

Due to the short and wide design, it is ideal for use in coastal waters.

Tour Board – Jobe Parana 11.6 SUP Hardboard

TOP price/performance ratio

Jobe Sports delivers quality products at a fair price!

SUP Paddel

Particularly effective paddling with the extra light and stable carbon paddle. Particularly space-saving as a 3-piece variant.

With the 2-part carbon you have the very best propulsion. Particularly stable, light and with extra high rigidity due to only 2 parts.

The fiberglass/carbon paddle convinces with a very good power transmission when paddling. It is also pleasantly light.

The bamboo paddle is particularly suitable for the hardboards. Otherwise it corresponds to the fiberglass/carbon paddle.

With 10% carbon content, the Fusionstick is a good entry-level paddle and can be optimally combined with the kayak adapter.

There is also something suitable for the little paddlers. The children’s paddle is ideal for children up to a height of 140 cm.

SUP pumps

The convenient electric pump for the 12V cigarette lighter in the car and batteries.

With Triple Action you pump quickly by hand. 3 different levels.

Double action is state of the art. First double stroke, then single stroke.

Accessories for Stand Up Paddle

For perfect protection and transport of hardboards in sizes 9.4 – 12.6.

For a comfortable and handy transport of the SUP boards to the water.

This turns your paddle into a kayak paddle and you can also SUP while sitting.

Jobe SUP Collection 2019

Test SUP Boards

In our Stand up Paddler SUP rental in Berlin there is also the possibility to test. Rent and compare inflatable SUP boards and hardboards. This is the easiest way to find the right SUP board for you. But that’s not all: standard paddles and paddles from the complete sets are available.

Learn more about Jobe

You can find more information and other products under Jobe.